I’m a solo backpacker from the UK. Not London. North of London.

I have always loved hiking, the outdoors, and long distance walking, thanks in no small part to adventurous parents and a father who believed strongly in the power of ‘character building’. I doubled down in May 2021 after three lockdowns drove everyone a bit stir crazy and decided to start walking a UK trail a month because I was out of reasons not to and I’ve never done much by halves.

This blog is not intended to be ‘challenge’ lead, but an ode to the joy of the outdoors by someone a bit impulsive, messy and, occasionally, complicated. It’s about all that I can find out there on our small but extraordinary set of diverse and lovely islands. Islands whose natural, geological, cultural and sociological history is also a but impulsive, messy and, occasionally, complicated.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or advice via the contact form below or throw me a DM on Instagram.