Taigh Seumus a’ Ghlinne/Duror

Big Bothy Walk #22 I now have a V-shaped scar between the index finger and thumb of my left hand, the flesh snared on a barbed wire fence as I battled the haggard path from Resourie. Mired and slowed in mud and bogs up until the view from the point of Meall Daimh where the … Continue reading Taigh Seumus a’ Ghlinne/Duror


Big Bothy Walk #21 Stewart had dropped me off at the top of the path that would take me south out of Glenfinnan to the west side of Loch Shiel. All that overdramatic faffing around at Essan had cut my day short, I set up my tent by the bank after a few hours of … Continue reading Resourie


Big Bothy Walk #7 I often get asked which has been my favourite bothy so far. I never really have an answer because so many factors make up an individual bothy experience that far extends beyond the building itself. However, despite it not being the most elaborate or large or impressive of bothies, nor placed … Continue reading Burleywhag


Big Bothy Walk #2 It was a two day walk from Will's Bothy to arrive at Greensykes. The first had ambled on paths and small lanes alongside waterways to begin with, passing by the imposing ruins of Hermitage Castle; once known as 'the guardhouse to the bloodiest valley in Britain'. The mediaeval stone walls still … Continue reading Greensykes