Big Bothy Walk #30 The bothy sat in a fold of the glen beside the Glencoul Loch, carved out by retreating ice many millennia ago. An old schoolhouse once, to the children of all the tiny settlements in the creases and cracks of the nearby hills. Many of these children would grow up and be … Continue reading Glencoul


Big Bothy Walk #29 I was jumping ahead of my original plan, in order to meet Emma. Emma had been walking the UK perimeter for the last four hundred odd days and was now up in northwest Scotland. We had ended up on the Wales Coast Path at the same time this past winter, heading … Continue reading Suardalan


Big Bothy Walk #28 I had found myself in Rùm prematurely. A number of factors, among which was a growing loneliness and increasing anxiety in the wake of being rescued, making me feel like I needed a change of scene. I was too inside my own head now. I had taken a night out back … Continue reading Guirdil


Big Bothy Walk #27 Glenpean sits just the other side of Monadh Gorm from A'chuil. So close, and yet so entirely different. Where the setting for A'chuil is both well walked and wild, the Glenpean valley is off the Cape Wrath Trail and thus the bothy is much less visited. However, where A'chuil looks out … Continue reading Glenpean


Big Bothy Walk #26 A'chuil is the first MBA bothy reached by those on the Cape Wrath Trail; the 200 mile trail that winds its way through the rugged fringes of isolated Knoydart, on to Torridon and the edge of Assynt before the final push across the peat-hagged Parph to the Cape Wrath Lighthouse at … Continue reading A’chuil


Big Bothy Walk #25 Invermallie was the 25th bothy on my walk and, up until this point, the majority had contained a now-predictable layout of two larger outer rooms sandwiching a smaller one - classic but-and-ben buildings. Occasionally the space would be separated into two rather than three, or there would be the added novelty … Continue reading Invermallie

White Laggan

Big Bothy Walk #11 I was dragging on only a couple hours sleep leaving Tunskeen. I miserably headed back up the path I'd arrived on, this time turning off through the forest to walk around the head of Loch Riecawr and continue through the trees until I arrived at the west side of Loch Doon. … Continue reading White Laggan


Big Bothy Walk #10 Bothies and informal open shelters existed long before the MBA came about. Depopulation of rural areas followed the World Wars as hillfarming rapidly declined, leaving many farmsteads abandoned. At the same time, there was a national initiative encouraging the population to take their leisure time outdoors, and as cars became a … Continue reading Tunskeen