Big Bothy Walk #19 I had managed to wrench myself away from the islands for now, which was good because I somehow lost all track of time and myself on them. Their slower pace, friendliness, individuality and, well, many distilleries, means I could pretty much turn into whatever the equivalent would be of an Odyssean … Continue reading Leacraithnaich


Big Bothy Walk #18 I had run into Jude again in Oban. He had been watching ducks (or something involving birds) on Colonsay before arriving in Oban, and was preparing to go to Mull. As was I. So we decided to go together. "Will it be a you-walk or a normal walk?" he asked on … Continue reading Tomsleibhe

Over Phawhope

Big Bothy Walk #4 A shepherd, William Laidlow, lived in a small cottage in the Ettrick Valley in the early 1700s. A locally renowned athlete, he was supposedly never beaten. On one occasion he showed up unprepared for a race, lost his trousers soon after starting, and still went on to claim his victory without … Continue reading Over Phawhope