Big Bothy Walk #23 There was once a large orchard at Cadderlie; a vibrant, brimming garden so fantastic and beautiful it was written into both history and local lore. We have only old words and handwritten records of it now after a freak tide chased up the land during a devastating storm four hundred years … Continue reading Cadderlie

Taigh Seumus a’ Ghlinne/Duror

Big Bothy Walk #22 I now have a V-shaped scar between the index finger and thumb of my left hand, the flesh snared on a barbed wire fence as I battled the haggard path from Resourie. Mired and slowed in mud and bogs up until the view from the point of Meall Daimh where the … Continue reading Taigh Seumus a’ Ghlinne/Duror